best solution for all

for clean internet lovers

No more junk, virus, malware, porn, ... etc.
Unwanted traffic and bad sites have been eliminated.
Billions of negative internet sites have been blocked using our smart engine.
Benefits on the network side you will get faster internet speed, safer internet contents, cleaner internet pipes.
Benefits on the device side you will get lower data usages, lower battery usages, lower heat, lower radiations, and longer device life time.
Benefits on the human side you will saving money spend for buying data packages and more healthy life.

for raw internet lovers

By using level ZERO, you will get internet not blocked at all, with all the risks and consequences that follow.
Warning: Make sure that you and your internet users are aware and understand about the risks and threats that follow, also adult enough when using this level.

choose your own level

You can select the filtering levels, from ZERO to EXTREME or even PARANOID. ZERO means unblock all, a solution for raw internet lovers. EXTREME means strongest filter, the best protection for kids and teenagers. While PARANOID is level EXTREME plus blocking social media and video sharing sites, good for employees productivity. List of available ports and filtering levels can be read here.

more features

You will have a lot more of additional features and customizations while using our commercial services, such as have your own blacklist and whitelist, unique warning pages for blocked sites, url redirections, and many more. There is a seven-day free trial for those of you who want to try our commercial services.

the best part

The best part of our service is we provide Free Server for personal and non-commercial use.
And we invite all interested software developers around the world to contribute by developing client side softwares that help peoples easily using our service, especially the free one.

our products and services

Free Server

Suitable for personal devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Also suitable for router in small home network. Support and help might be available from same users communities.


Will be available soon. We still looking for best software developers to build client side commercial softwares for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices. Call for Developers!


A small appliance for SOHO using MikroTik devices, plug and play and easy to use for general users, with four simultan filtering levels, limited lifetime service.

Cloud Service

Cloud Service for MikroTik or any router. Purifying entire network and all connected devices, powered with dashboard and simple setup script, billed annualy.

Cloud Server

Cloud Server designed for Corporate, ISP, and Large Organisation. Please visit our demo server with login "guest" and password "welcome"

Bare Metal

Bare Metal Server designed and customised for Corporate, ISP, and Large Organisation. With many additional features that other version doesn't have.

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free server

  • Not Available

filtering levels
  • ZERO udp port 530 or N530*
  • LOW udp port 531 or N531*
  • MID udp port 532 or N532*
  • FAIR udp port 533 or N533*
  • HIGH udp port 534 or N534*
  • EXTREME udp port 535 or N535*
  • PARANOID udp port 536 or N536*
  • optional ADSKILLER = port + 10
  • optional SAFESEARCH = port + 20
  • * N = 1-9

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