The Net Purifier is an internet filtering machine powered by DNSB Engine and DNSB Database.

DNSB Engine is a technology developed by PT. Indosysadmin Mediantara Telematika, while DNSB Database is a collection of negative sites that intensively hunted by our workers and our search engine bot, and sometime from users report. Negative internet sites that have been found are verified by workers and volunteers first before they are entered into the DNSB Database.

All of our Purifier Servers are using the same Engine and Database which synced regularly using push/pull methods to Master Server.

All commercial products and services are managed and supported by company PT. Indosysadmin Mediantara Telematika.

Free Services is managed by the developer, supported by users communities and contributors, funded by donations.

Third party softwares used to connect to our Free Servers are owned by their owners, managed and supported by their developers, not us.