Free Server is our contribution to the world, helping people to get internet protection, whether it is for internet freedom or internet censorship, censorship better for safe internet, especially for children and teenagers, free of charge.

Free Server is actually our Cloud Server product that placed in several data centers around the world and opened it for free public access. If you purchase our Cloud Server product and enable the optional feature "Enable The Net Purifier Service" in Server Configuration then you can provide the same services specifically for your customers in your network, or provide open services for the public just like our Free Server.

Children and teenagers have not been able to sort out which sites are good and which are bad, so they need to be protected from falling into negative sites, such as pornography, because they are not yet adult enough.

Providing internet education alone is not enough, such we know there are dangerous holes, we better close those holes before something bad happens, than we let the hole open and just say our children; hey there's a dangerous hole, do not go in there!

Not only pornographic sites that are harmful, there are many other addictive and potentially harmful sites; such as violence, abortion, gambling, liquor, narcotics and drugs, and also we must be wary of the threat of child predators lurking potential victims, our kids, through social networking sites.

There is also the threat of viruses and malwares that potentially damage the device you use, or steal your personal data without your awareness when accessing a site that you think is safe, or even request a ransom for data they have stolen.

By using our Free Server, you will get internet protection from above threats free of charge.

Also we listen to users feedback, some people don't like ads, we make them happy with our Adskiller option, but some people don't like being filtered at all, we also make them happy with option level ZERO to unblock all sites.

We care about your satisfaction, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Out there, there are so many choices of internet filtering tools, but nothing seems as serious as we do. We do not claim that we are the best, but we are very serious and very intensive doing this work, giving the best we can for you to be satisfied.

Try it to prove it, see how good we do it.

We invite all interested software developers around the world to contribute also by developing client side software that help peoples so can easily connecting their devices to our free server to get free internet protection.