The Net Purifier
free guide for Android

For Android devices, you can use Daedalus, a free software that can be downloaded from PlayStore. Watch the video guide or follow these steps below.

ATTENTION: This guide using TNP DNS Indonesia Region, you choose use other TNP DNS from different region near to your country, or choose the TNP DNS with the lowest Ping

  1. Install Daedalus from PlayStore
  2. Open Daedalus, from the left menu, click Servers
  3. Add new server by clicking red button at bottom right
  4. Fill the form with correct server data; Server Name, Server IP address, and Server Port, and clik check mark on the top right to save
  5. Again, add several another servers, until you have finished
  6. Back to main menu, click Settings
  7. Change Primary DNS Server and Secondary DNS Server to The Net Purifier server you have added, and turn on some options
  8. Go back, then click Activate
  9. There is a popup asking permission Connection Request, click Ok
  10. Finally, go to to see your device has purified or not. If not purified, repeat the steps again to find mistakes
  11. If purified, use internet as usual, and feel the differences between before and after purified