The Net Purifier
free guide for Windows

For Windows device, you can use Passport, a free software that can be downloaded from SourceForge, or alternatively using Bind, a free software from ISC. Watch the video guide or follow these steps below.

ATTENTION: This guide using TNP DNS Indonesia Region, you can choose other TNP DNS from other Region near to your country, or choose TNP DNS with the lowest Ping.

Method 1. Using Passport

  1. Download and Install Passport from SourceForge, click here
  2. Run Passport as Administrator
  3. Click Define
  4. Add new rules

    add new rules for DNS1

    again, add new rules for DNS2

    Then click OK
  5. Now click Start then close
  6. Open Network and Sharing Center, then click Change adapter settings
  7. Right click each each available Connections, then click Properties
  8. Select Internet protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4), then click Properties
  9. Set Preffered DNS Server with value, and Alternate DNS Server with value, then click OK

    then do it again for all available Local Area Connection and Wireless Network Connection
  10. Finally, go to to see your device has purified or not. If not purified, repeat the steps again to find mistakes
  11. If purified, use internet as usual, and feel the differences between before and after purified.

Method 2. Using Bind

If using Passport failed, you can use Bind as alternative. Bind is a DNS Software developed by ISC. Uninstal Passport before using Bind. Watch the video guide or follow these steps below.

  1. Download stable version of Bind 64 bit or 32 bit from ISC Download Page
  2. Extract and install Bind using privilege Administrator; go to extracted folder, right click BINDInstall.exe, run as Administrator, installation will pop up. Install Bind until successfull
  3. Open Notepad as Administrator, then copy these configuration (inside text box) to Notepad. Change DNS Server/Port as you desired
  4. Save Notepad file as "%Program Files%/ISC Bind 9/etc/named.conf"
  5. Start Service ISC BIND for the first time
  6. Change all of your Network Connection to use DNS Server to
  7. Finished, now you can go to to check, if still not purified then you should repeat the steps again to find mistakes